“A” Time

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I am a huge fan of asking questions.  I am curious to know what people think and feel about all sorts of things! My friends and especially family groan when I ask some random question.  I usually get a comment like, “Here we go again, Pam has a question!” I don’t mind because I think it makes for fun conversation!

So here’s the question: What is your “A” time and what does it get used for?

This isn’t random. I think that this is an important question we all need to ask ourselves.

“A” time is your best time; When are you most productive; When do you do your best work?

I am a morning person.  I enjoy getting up early and easing into the day.  Sipping that first cup of coffee. (why does the first cup taste better than the rest of them?)

So, my “A” time is usually between 10 and 2.  I am energized, enthusiastic, and ready to tackle my world. This is when I get the most done.  Reserving that time for making art is important.  I put the most important activity in that time slot.  It doesn’t mean I don’t make art outside of those times, but “A” time is art time.  When I try to do art in the evening, I tend to be tired, distracted and giving it 2nd or 3rd best.  I do not like working in the evening. Making art in the evening is not particularly satisfying.  It is not my “A” time. Sometimes I have to work at night, meeting a deadline, but it is rare.

I know this won’t work all the time and for every situation. We all have things we HAVE to do: taking care of families, household chores, and of course jobs. I know your situations are much different than mine right now.  The principal rule still applies.  If you know what your “A” time is, and you designate that time for the things that matter most, the other things will fall into place. For example:

I hate exercising but know I have to, to stay healthy.  If I don’t do it before 9:30, I easily talk myself out of it.  If I try doing it later, I am grouchy and irritated because I am biting into the rest of my day. I don’t want to waste precious time.  (do not psychoanalyze this, please.)

Or say, you want to get more done at work and your “A” time is morning, like mine.  You designate that time for what is at the top of YOUR priorities.  You don’t look at email or Facebook.  You don’t consider cleaning that pile of papers that has been piling up.  You do your Important stuff.  The pile of papers can get done before you leave for the day. 

My point is: As an artist, a creative person, I need to give my creativity top priority, whenever possible. When I do not, I short suit myself, I waste more time, do things that are not satisfying, and I feel horrible.  I am not doing what satisfies me.  Believe me, I can get sidetracked with the best of them!

When I do give my art “A” time, my days are fulfilling, and gratifying.  I generally just feel better about the day.

We all have to do the boring stuff!  It’s life!  Even if you cannot do it every day, one day is a start! You may be happier, and satisfied, and maybe even get more done! 

Do what fills your soul!  And Go Make Art!


Bridgette, at Bridgette’s Main Frames in Perham, MN recently said to me, she wished I would do more mosaics.  I decided to make a few. I sent the mirror I did last month, and now I have another one to take to her.  I really like it!  It strictly shapes.  I like circles and curves.  (Maybe, because I’m round 😀 )

“Caution Dangerous Curves” detail     

It will be hanging in her shop by next week. If you are in the area, take a look!

I am also in an art show, in Brainerd, MN.  It is Fantastic Fibers, a show all about fiber arts.  It is on display from September 13 through September 28.  Opening reception in September 13th from 5 – 7.  Join me, if you can. Lots of good people to meet and talk to!

I will be teaching at Textile Center on 9/13 in Minneapolis.  Check out their website for details. https://textilecentermn.org

I am teaching a 2 day class in Pillager MN.  At Craft Camp.  Go to the website for details please.