A close up of the fabric art New Home Birches by Pam Collins

It’s Been a while!

It is 2020, as we should all know by now! It has been a while since I have posted a blog, but I am ready to post something now! I just completed a new piece of work. Actually, it is 3 pieces, a tryptic. I call it New Home Birches. They will be shipped to […]
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Dancing Girls

It’s Been a Year!

My website has been up for a year!  It is the end of November and I have posted a blog every month, except October.  The time has gone by quickly! We are about to leave for Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I always love Thanksgiving.  It isn’t about buying presents for people, or the other things […]
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Fabric art by artist Pam Collins titled "Fall on the Prairie"

Keep It or Pitch It!

Every artist has any number of failures along the way in their career. Work that just doesn’t seem to satisfy!  I have three sitting in my studio right now that are waiting for their death or redemption.  I took a look at one I completed a while ago.  I thought it looked pretty good initially, […]
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“A” Time

I am a huge fan of asking questions.  I am curious to know what people think and feel about all sorts of things! My friends and especially family groan when I ask some random question.  I usually get a comment like, “Here we go again, Pam has a question!” I don’t mind because I think […]
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Corner of Mosaic Tiled Mirror

Random Summer Thoughts

When I take a walk, I am amazed to see so many colors surrounding me.  I notice the slight red in the grasses blowing in the field.  Seeing weeds growing between cracks in blacktop.  The textures of the various weeds and grasses.  I am sidetracked by seeing something in the clouds over me.  There is […]
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Fabric Art by Pam Collins showing a woman facing left

Never Ever Assume Anything!

It won’t be difficult!  I mean how hard could it be?  I’ve been making art for 20 plus years!  I bet it will come easily for me.  Relax!  Don’t think about it too much, just go do it! That’s the conversation I was having with myself these past few weeks.  What I was getting myself […]
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Fabric painting showing a waterfall by artist Pam Collins titled "Over the Edge"

Local Color or Subjective Color?

I want you to paint a scene that includes trees, water, clouds, and flowers. Which colors will you choose?  Local or subjective? Local color is the color of whatever you are looking at.  A tree is brown, black, or maybe grey.  Leaves are usually green.  Local color is used when you are wanting to reproduce […]
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Sand Hill Crane fabric art by Pam Collins in landscape

I Can’t Do That!

“I Can’t Do That Kind of Art” A very dear and close friend of mine asked me if I would be able to create a fabric painting for her. She would make copies and give prints as Thank You’s.  She is a Fulbright scholar who has been working in Nepal and Ethiopia for the past […]
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Mosaic frame with dark inner row

How to get out of the doldrums?

The weather is finally changing here, and things are melting. (unfortunately, not me) But with the change, everything is looking very dirty and dreary.  I know it has to get ugly before it gets pretty.  I have been in a slump these past couple of weeks.  I have managed to waste a boatload of time. […]
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Fabric art titled "Trees Gone Wrong"

Is it done yet?

We might recall asking this when baking cookies or a cake with a parent.  I am sure you can imagine using that phrase in many different situations.  This month’s blog will continue to focus on art and not cookies, although I wouldn’t mind having a few right now.  But that is another problem. How do […]
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Pam Collins creating art in her home studio.

Where do you make your art?

When people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them I am an artist, they often say, oh do you have a studio and is it open for visiting?  Well, I have a “studio”.  A room in my basement and a spare bedroom.  Not exactly visitor friendly, but it is “my […]
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Student Fabric Artwork Progress

Do you enjoy teaching or making art more?

I just completed a private class for 2 days. It was such a fun and exciting class and the response from the 2 women was fantastic!  It was the first time students created on a larger surface and for more than one day.  Each one did an amazing job of making their idea come to […]
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Fabric painting by artist Pam Collins titled "Green Prairies"

November Thankfulness

I was traveling to Chicago yesterday to visit my daughter and my grandson.  As I was waiting to be picked up by my son-in-law, I was watching people.  It’s fun to people watch.  There certainly are a bunch of different kinds of people.  Tall, short, thin, fat, in between.  Happy, sad, depressed, irritated, and even […]
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Fabric painting by artist Pam Collins titled "I Double Dare You"

Why do I make art?

I personally believe all of us are creative in some way.  The definition of creative is- relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas.  All of us are creative.  It might not be in the usual forms, of say, painting, singing, dancing, writing, photography, knitting, crocheting, cooking, making furniture, or sewing, but maybe a […]
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