Fabric Art

Fabric art by artist Pam Collins titled "Fall on the Prairie"

Keep It or Pitch It!

By Pam Collins / September 30, 2019

Every artist has any number of failures along the way in their career. Work that just doesn’t seem to satisfy!  I have three sitting in my studio right now that are waiting for their death or redemption.  I took a look at one I completed a while ago.  I thought it looked pretty good initially, […]

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Fabric Art by Pam Collins showing a woman facing left

Never Ever Assume Anything!

By Pam Collins / June 30, 2019

It won’t be difficult!  I mean how hard could it be?  I’ve been making art for 20 plus years!  I bet it will come easily for me.  Relax!  Don’t think about it too much, just go do it! That’s the conversation I was having with myself these past few weeks.  What I was getting myself […]

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Fabric painting showing a waterfall by artist Pam Collins titled "Over the Edge"

Local Color or Subjective Color?

By Pam Collins / June 4, 2019

I want you to paint a scene that includes trees, water, clouds, and flowers. Which colors will you choose?  Local or subjective? Local color is the color of whatever you are looking at.  A tree is brown, black, or maybe grey.  Leaves are usually green.  Local color is used when you are wanting to reproduce […]

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