Corner of Mosaic Tiled Mirror

Random Summer Thoughts

By Pam Collins / August 1, 2019

When I take a walk, I am amazed to see so many colors surrounding me.  I notice the slight red in the grasses blowing in the field.  Seeing weeds growing between cracks in blacktop.  The textures of the various weeds and grasses.  I am sidetracked by seeing something in the clouds over me.  There is […]

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Mosaic frame with dark inner row

How to get out of the doldrums?

By Pam Collins / April 1, 2019

The weather is finally changing here, and things are melting. (unfortunately, not me) But with the change, everything is looking very dirty and dreary.  I know it has to get ugly before it gets pretty.  I have been in a slump these past couple of weeks.  I have managed to waste a boatload of time. […]

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