Random Summer Thoughts

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When I take a walk, I am amazed to see so many colors surrounding me.  I notice the slight red in the grasses blowing in the field.  Seeing weeds growing between cracks in blacktop.  The textures of the various weeds and grasses.  I am sidetracked by seeing something in the clouds over me.  There is so much to see and examine.  I am not a fan of bugs and insects, however, taking the time to see what is going on beneath our feet is pretty fascinating.  To see a colony of ants scurrying and moving, I just find intriguing.  ( I don’t want them doing it in my house, of course.)  I was sitting on our patio the other day watching two robins flying and squawking and chasing other birds and a squirrel.  Upon closer examination, I saw they were protecting their nest in the nearby tree.  I might sound a bit crotchety talking about these silly little things, but for me, it is helpful to do this.  I relax and observe the things that are going on in creation.  The intricacies of our world are impossible to grasp.  It is good to sit, walk, see, touch and feel the world around me.  I find peace, and satisfaction by noticing the “small” things in life.  It makes me a better artist.

I recently watched a program about the life and work of Andrew Wyeth. It was on American Masters on PBS.  It was about his entire life and works.  I learned the story behind the famous painting, Christina’s World. I was so wrong about what this painting is telling the viewer. I won’t tell you, because you might enjoy seeking the information out in the program.  Well worth your time! I learned what kind of man he was and his family history.  I was mesmerized by all of it.  There is something incredibly deep about his work.  It moves me and makes me search for what I am wanting to say.

The one thing I remember most from the program is a quote from him.  He said, “paint what you know.”  Paint what your life is.  What do you experience in life?  What is your life about?

My take away is, I do not need to find some grand subject, or go someplace exotic to create art.  I do not need to travel the world to make art. It is in my own back yard, my own surroundings, the simple things in my life, and in my mind. There is magic in all of our lives!  Hope you are able to find yours!

Go make art!


In my April 1st blog, I posted a mosaic mirror I made.  I finally completed it and took it to Bridgette’s to sell.  I really like the way it looks.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to photograph a mirrored object without seeing my reflection or flash.  I did the best I could, and hopefully, you get the full impact of the piece.  It is titled MY SISTER’S TRASH.

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