Where do you make your art?

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When people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them I am an artist, they often say, oh do you have a studio and is it open for visiting?  Well, I have a “studio”.  A room in my basement and a spare bedroom.  Not exactly visitor friendly, but it is “my studio”.

The idea of an artist’s studio sounds so glamorous and romantic.  I would stand around in a smock, wear a beret, and hold paint brushes and a martini in my hand at the same time.

Nice thought, but since I don’t live in a movie it is anything but glamorous. I have a basement room in our house, that is filled with fabric in one section and stained glass and supplies in another.  The spare bedroom is filled with shelves of mosaics, dishes, cups and more.

I generally wear clothes that have paint and glue or grout on them and I don’t drink martinis.  At least not during working hours!

Every once in a while, I come across an article or magazine about artist studios.  They do indeed look pretty dramatic, so organized, and aesthetically appealing. Looking at the photos makes me feel jealous and envious of the beautiful working space. I sometimes think, “Oh if I had a space like that, I would be able to create so much more and be inspired to be adventurous.  Maybe some artists do have those beautiful studios, but it doesn’t make them more successful.

When you make art, it doesn’t matter where you do it.  If you only have a dining room table, then that is where you make your art.  Sure, it would be nice to have a big space, but if you don’t, you do with what you have.  We cannot use a lack of space as an excuse for not making art.  Your art may be limited in size by where you work, but you can still do it!

When I started creating art, I did only have a dining room table.  As our living arrangements changed, though, I managed to get a bit more space with each move.  It has always worked out somehow.

I dream of having a big beautiful art studio, however, based on my history and the future, which of course I cannot see, I am just guessing I will continue to learn contentment working in my basement!  At least I don’t have a commute to go to work!

Go! Make art!